It is time to act now!


If you are a candidate for refinancing your mortgage, call your mortgage professional today to lock in your best opportunity for a low rate. In addition to the potential for rates to rise, there are also other programs in place…that are scheduled to end in June…to assist people who otherwise could not refinance due to loan to value.

For prospective home buyers, any increase in interest rates erodes your purchasing power. In other words, a 1% increase in rate represents an approximate decline in purchasing power by 10%. For example, if rates increase by 1%, people who qualify for a $200,000 purchase price today may only qualify for a purchase price of $180,000 afterwards.

For those who qualify for the tax credit for first-time and repeat home buyers, another deadline also exists. The last day to obtain a contract to qualify is April 30th and closing must occur by the end of June. Miss either deadline and it could cost you up to $6,500 or $8,000, depending on eligibility.

HUD just announced that the upfront mortgage insurance premium on FHA mortgages is increasing from 1.75% to 2.25% as of April 5, 2010.
No matter which way you look at it, waiting could cost you. Mortgage rates are still near the best levels we have ever seen. If you are in the position to move forward with obtaining a mortgage, the best decision would be to act sooner rather than later.

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