Below are the many testimonials that I have received from my Clients, Realtors and Escrow Officers:

You will see the common theme of high level of service, personal touch, treating everyone with respect, and keeping you apprised of every step of the mortgage process.

Working with Hal Timinsky in Tucson, Senior Mortgage Officer, does make a difference in your home mortgage experience.


Hal was amazing. He kept me inform of ever step through the process. My loan was ready in 16 days. Just an overall amazing experience purchasing my home.  Kathy C.

Hal Timinsky is very knowledgeable, personable, and professional. I have been a Real Estate Broker and past lender for over 27 years. There are many lending choices to refer my clients to. Hal Timinsky will take the time needed and will personally follow up with his clients to move the clients to clear to close. I always refer Hal. David R

I found I would at times wonder if I was doing the right thing buying a new home.  Big step for me!  But Hal Timinsky and his team were so helpful, available whenever I NEEDED TO SPEAK WITH THEM.   I felt I could trust Hal, he kept me up to date on everything as we progressed through the process I would highly recommend Hal Timinsky and his team at Envoy. Paulette S.

Hal is very knowledgeable, Helpful, and Patient.   Stephen W.

This was my first experience in buying a home.
Hal had the patience to go over in clear easy to understand language so that I knew everything to expect. He even made it easy to follow the online computerize stuff that makes no sense for me. I’m still amazed that I can walk into my beautiful new home… and know that it’s really mine.  Thank You Hal.  Patricia R

Hal always answered my questions immediately. It was a pleasure working with Hal. Anything I needed, he was there for me. I got an awesome interest rate.  Thank you Hal.  Leo R.

The whole process went quite well and very smooth. Hal answered our questions in a timely manner and genuinely cared which meant a lot. Hal was very easy to work with and would recommend him to others.  Chris S.

Above and Beyond
Hal was great through the whole process. He sat down with me and explained each step and the reasoning why. This was invaluable later in the process when the federal requirements came in requesting a long list of documents. Since the refinancing process was a new experience to me these requests would have appeared unnecessary. Hal was patient and understanding and kept me focused.”  Jay M.

If you’re looking to buy a home, refinance etc., please check him out. He will have your back and look out for your best interests. He’s tolerated me for about the last eight years through my first home purchase and refinancing and never steered me wrong. He’s been in the business for 35+ years, and is a very knowledgeable, caring and a personable professional to deal with. Thank you again, Hal, for all you’ve done for me.   Bobbie B.

This can be a very stressful process. Hal carefully explains the what and why so that borrowers can fully understand the process. We were consistently informed through their web site which was an added plus. Marc L.

Hal in one word…. OUTSTANDING. We had been talking to a few lenders and had tried banks. They were unhelpful due to my specialty job. Hal went above and beyond, educating me along the way, helping me clear things up that needed to be taken care of. We chose to buy a foreclosure which required special hands. I grew up around real estate, my dad has been an investor for more than 30 years. I have never dealt with a better lender or more on top of things than Hal was during the entire process. My wife and I felt like family and if something was important or we had a question even in the evening he was right on it. If there was a Gazillion star rating I would give Hal and the entire Envoy team that. Anyone of my friends family or future transactions will go to him. His experience of 39 years shows for sure.  Nate K.

Hal is able to help maintain a streamline and efficient process of information gathering while communicating clearly about the status of the loan. Hal remains personable and professional throughout the mortgage process. He continues to assist his clients whenever possible even after the closing.  Trudy W.

Hal immediately returned my several phone calls and was very responsive to my questions and needs; even on the weekends. I found him to be very thorough, considerate, knowledgeable, and made some very good suggestions to resolve issues. I would strongly recommend him. Judy G.

Hal is a genuinely nice man who goes out of his way to be helpful, informative, reliable, and available. Hal does whatever it takes to make sure the loan process goes as smoothly as possible.  Amanda M.

Hal was very thorough in explaining the loan process and was always very helpful. He made the whole process so easy! If I ever refinance or buy another house I will most likely use Hal again.  Doug S.

Hal Timinsky of Envoy Mortgage assisted us through the entire mortgage process from the initial loan application to the loan closing. He lead us through scanning documents and electronic signing of legal forms. Hal was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. He promptly responded to emails and phone calls and addressed any questions or concerns that came up. We were able to close on our home a week earlier than estimated. We highly recommend Hal Timinsky for any mortgage needs.  Cindy and Dave B.

 Hal Timinsky was so knowledgeable, and helpful, but most importantly, patient with our inexperience in the process. He is the reason that I would recommend Envoy in the future!  Kathy and Forrest C.Helped me buy a home.  Looking for the right man Hal is the Man, great personality, wonderful to explain everything, knowledgeable, especially if you are a first time buyer. He will not put your hopes up and let you down. He will always give you an honest and truthful answer. He will guide you through the entire process and explains why things are needed.  He just does not request documents with out any explanations. Lupita D.

Hal was a great help to me in going through the entire loan purchase process. He provided fair advice and honest estimates. He was very thorough in his communication so that I understood what was going on at all times. He also genuinely seemed to be looking out for my best interest throughout the process.  Even when there was a last-minute issue with my insurance, he spent the extra time following up with them to ensure that I would be able to close on time. I would highly recommend Hal to anyone seeking an honest, trustworthy loan officer.  Andrew W.

I’ve worked with Hal for close to 8 years. My clients like his professional friendliness and knowledge.
I like that he is always available for my questions, and will even answer his phone on a weekend.  Cara M.

One of the best in the business!  John R.

In the time I have had the pleasure to know Hal Timinsky, he has shown himself as knowledgeable, savvy, and straight forward. I recommend him to anyone in need of a qualified mortgage specialist.  Shawn B.

“Great lender – Nothing but great products from HAL”.  Mike B

Hal has been in the mortgage business more years that I can remember. He takes care of his customers. Mary Ann C.

Hal is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  Jim G.

Hal is great, easy to work with, professional and always has your best interest at heart. Richard R.

Hal is an experienced and caring loan officer who does his best for our clients. He communicates well, keeping all parties up to date on progress of the file as we move to closing. Carol G.

I have used Hal’s expertise for nearly twenty years,  I have the most confidence in this person.  I wouldn’t think about going to another real estate financial expert. He is number one with us, I am a military retiree and IBM retiree as well, my wife a 40 year bookkeeper, he is our choice.  James D.

I have always enjoyed working with Hal Timinsky – he is a professional who follows his transactions from the beginning to the end. His clients are well informed when they get to the closing. Cyd B.

Hal was always available to answer any questions and finished the paperwork 20 days early. Kevin N.

The experience of Hal at finding ways to make this work. Mark N.

Hal’s experience and knowledge and how he explained the information to us; his quick response and follow-up. He is awesome to work with. Miguel and Martha P.

Working with Hal, a true professional. The Best John and Liz B.

Mr. Timinsky’s personality. He was very respectful, accessible and kind. Elda M.

Hal was delightful to meet in person & speak on the phone, extremely prompt and thoughtful. Stephen C.

Hal was able to inform us in a simple way and all was successful. Al M.

The mortgage process can be overwhelming, but Hal made it easy. Bob and Myrna C.

Hal Timinsky was the best at everything. He has made our life so much easier. Pam and Art S.

I and my wife take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you gave us in obtaining a home loan thru your financial institution. We appreciate that along with your professionalism you had a lot of patience and honestly in answering each and every question or doubts that we had even though they may have been trivial queries. You always showed concern about us from day one that we began house hunting, you would communicate with us over the telephone or via email and kept in touch with us every step of the loan processing, even though we were a diffrent nationality never ever was a day that we felt that we were not wanted nor any bias shown to us. We are sure that you will be in touch with us and keep us updated. Gregory and Ruby P.

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